Google and Facebook duped in huge ‘fraud’

The technology giants are also not safe from the frauds and scams, as the Internet giant Google as well as social media giant Facebook were conned by a single person recently.

As per the reports from an international news source, these two technology companies were the victims of a sophisticated $100 million phishing attack, in which the workers of both were cheated into sending money to foreign bank accounts.

Google and Facebook duped in huge fraud

How these technology giants were cheated?

In March, when the Justice Department announced the arrest of a person who supposedly defrauded over $100 million from the two technology firms, the information regarding the cheat was pretty much kept quiet.

The Justice Department did not expose who was robbed or identify the Asian supplier the suspect imitated to get the money, said news source.

An investigation conducted by Fortune involving an interview along with the spokespersons nearer to the law enforcement as well as others has exposed the names of 3 firms and some other details of the this case.

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According to the conducted investigation, the two companies that were allegedly sent fake invoices were actually Google and Facebook, moreover the United States tech giants were allegedly tricked by a Lithuanian named Evaldas Rimasauskas.

Evaldas Rimasauskas was blamed for transferring funds which were projected for the supplier Quanta to various bank accounts in the places such as like Cyprus, Slovakia, Lithuania, Hungary, Hong Kong as well as Latvia.

The 48-year old suspicious was charged along with money laundering, wire fraud as well as identity theft for imitating Quanta Computer, a Taiwan-based electronics produce that boasts of clients such as Apple, Facebook and Google.

In a statement given to CNBC, Facebook said:

“We recovered the main part of the funds soon after the incident and we have also been cooperating along with the law enforcement agencies in its investigation.”

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According to Google it detected this fraud against its vendor management team as well as it quickly notified the authorities.

“We recovered the funds and we are happy that this issue is now solved,” said the company.

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