I dress for myself, not for you: Deepika’s remarks for reporter

Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone received some bad remarks over her Met Gala dress because the public was not impressed by her looks at an event.

However, the Bollywood diva did not stood back and shut her haters when a journalist questioned her regarding the selection of her clothes.

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“Sometimes you may like what I wear while sometimes you may not like what I wear and it is actually OK, as, I’m not dressing for you my love (reporter) but I’m dressing for myself. So, as long as I am having fun nothing other matters,” said Deepika.

She gives emphasis to the effort of the tam in the whole thing.

I dress for myself, not for you: Deepika's remarks for reporter

“I think it is the mutual effort and it is a team work. Like, how we work in films as a team, it is just same.”

Deepika feels that the most important thing was the honor to attend the significant event and not the outfit.

“I always looked at things like opportunities and what you make of those opportunities. I am sure for Priyanka and me, the prospect is not about what we are wearing however the honor of being there at such a big event,” she added.

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She was really fast to let know that what matters to her is simply the criticism from her mother as well as friends.

“The only time I will really be concerned would be when my mom or my sweethearts give me criticism for something I wore that is the time I will permit any comment to enter into my life,” said Deepika.

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