Natural Ingredients to get rid of joint pains easily

We all know that the joint pain is one of the most common issues among the people of different age groups. If this issue is not treated early, the tenderness of joints can get worse with age, causing more pain as well as stiffness, particularly in the aging people.

Different factors such as the earlier injury, allergic retorts or infection, bodily demanding job, inherited, fatness, auto immune disease as well as a lot of causes contribute to this serious illness.

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Though, along with the complete treatment, exercise as well as physiotherapy, this pain can be reduced to a greater extent, however there are some home medications that can treat and also relieve the joint pain easily.

Here in this article we will take a look at some of the therapies which you can do easily at your home.



A most important part of the daily diet, turmeric is easily available at home. The yellow powder contains curcumin, a powerful anti-inflammatory and also antioxidant, which assisting in the treatment of this pain. You can take turmeric in following ways to get rid from the joint pain:

Add 1 ts/spoon of turmeric powder in one glass hot milk and drink every day before going to bed. If you wish, you can also add little amount of honey in the milk for some sugariness.

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You can also take 250-500 mg turmeric capsules three times in a day.

If you are addicted to tea, than make some turmeric and ginger tea for yourself and drink this tea two times in a day. Add half teaspoon of ginger and half teaspoon of turmeric in 2 cups of boiling water. You can also add half teaspoon of fenugreek powder. Slow down the heat and let it boils for almost 10-15 minutes before draining it in a cup. Add honey in it according to your likening.

Important note for you:

You must consult your doctor before trying these medications as turmeric might not go well along with the specific medicines such as blood thinners and might result in the severe gallbladder issues.



Another ingredient which is commonly available at your kitchen counter and it plays a great role in reducing your joint pain. You can get the maximum benefits from the ginger in the given ways:

You can have fresh ginger roots or the dry ginger powder daily along with your meal.

You can also apply ginger oil daily on your joints.

Further, chore 6 ts/spoon of caraway seeds and dried the ginger together with the 3 ts/spoond of black pepper. After that, take half teaspoon of this mixture and take it along with water. You can consume this combination three times in a day.

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Onions are packed along with vitamin C which can help you in reducing your joint pain. This anti-inflammatory food comprehends photochemical that would assist in refining your immune system. The sulphur compounds that are present in this food lessen the pain by preventing the enzymes that are the major reason of the discomfort.
You can consume the onions in the given ways.

Unwrap and slice the raw onion and consumer it along with your meal.

You can also cook the onions along with the herbs of your preference and can eat it in your salad.



Garlic comprehends selenium as well as sulphur and these two combinations are really helpful in treating the joint pain. You can consume the garlic in the given ways:

Eat two or three cloves of uncooked or cooked garlic every day.

Just in case, you are not able to bear the smell of the garlic then you can take the supplements which contains garlic in them.

Though, you must consult your doctor before taking those supplements.

Furthermore, you can also massage the garlic oil on affected area. For this, you are required to fry just 2 garlic cloves in 2 tb/spoon of mustard or sesame oil until it turns black.

After that, drain the oil and let it cool until it get enough warm to apply on the affected area. Massage the oil and leave it for minimum three hours before washing it.

You must do this massage two times in a day and you will see the results within few days.

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