Telecom giant launches its own ride-hailing service in twin cities

The Pakistan’s largest telecommunication giant “JAZZ” has launched its very own ride-hailing service across the country.

The ride-hailing service entitled as “mLift” has been rolled-out to the consumers in twin cities Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The statement published on the official website of the company reads:

Telecom giant launches its own ride-hailing service in twin cities

“As we walk forward in spanning the gap between digital enablement for our consumers, we are launching an intra-city ride booking service on demand named as mLift, where the travelers can book their ride simply by dialing 7555.”

The service works by relating the riders along with the nearby taxi drivers over the free call service of the company through which they can exchange rates before booking a ride. The location based service, which takes a step before the predictable ride-hailing services, works without the mobile internet and does not need a dedicated app therefore connecting millions of more Jazz consumers to the ride-haling platform.

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The mLift also concentrates on the legal issues that some ride-hailing firms have been facing recently by taking on board registered taxi drivers therefore making the service compliant along with the government rules and regulations.

Simply to book a ride, the Jazz consumers are required to dial 7555 from their cell phones which connects them along with the nearby taxi drivers registered along with the service.

Afterwards, the riders can discuss on the rates based on their location as well as destination.

Presently this service is only available to the Jazz consumers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and is expected to be rolled out to other telecom networks after the telecom giant launches the mLift app.

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