Windows 10 S forces customers to use Microsoft Edge as default browser

Yesterday saw the disclosure of Windows 10 S, the Microsoft’s lightweight version of its desktop operating system to the competing Chrome operating system (OS), however it looks like that this latest product has some cautions that that were not clear instantly, namely that the default browser as well as the search experience are restricted to the Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Possibly all of you are aware, the whole idea along with Windows 10 S is that it is limited to Windows Store apps which are look over by Microsoft (for the better security), however there is nothing stopping you from installing a 3 rd party browser, provided it is present as a download in the store (the Google Chrome browser is not yet, however it could be in the near future).

Windows 10 S forces customers to use Microsoft Edge as default browser

Though, as The Verge marked, Microsoft has a FAQ for this OS which makes it obvious that the thing that you cannot do is change the default web browser which means that if you click a link, for instance in a Microsoft Word document or in an email, it will open in Edge by default, and there is nothing about that you can do, it is already set as the go-to browser.

For only searching

Likewise, it is the same story for your searching experience, as the FAQ records: “Moreover, the default search provider in the Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer can’t be changed.”

That’s why the default search engine on the Microsoft’s browsers would be Bing, and the consumer would not be able to change that to the Google search.

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This one is a step which will probably cause some displeasure, as the absence of selection is never a good thing. Though, as Microsoft prides itself on listening to user feedback nowadays, if they catch enough criticism, might be the things can change.

All that said, it is also worth noting that Google’s OS chrome is, obviously, built around its Chrome browser (however it is possible to utilize the third-party browsers if you have a Chromebook that supports the Android apps, and you download them from the Google Play store, but then again there is no guarantee that they will function as smooth as the Chrome).

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